Exciting news! My latest two novels have appeared as e-books - one for adults, and one for young adults - although people of all ages are allowed to read them :)

Also, congratulations to Emma Jane Unsworth (Hungry the Stars and Everything) on being shortlisted for the Portico Prize! - Go to the Hidden Gem Press page for more info...

 GOOD RECIPES AND BAD WOMEN is a delicious, feel-good romantic comedy, set in north London in 1967. When 15 year old Jo Good decides to collect her mother Dorrie’s recipes, she sets a chain of events in action that threaten to blow apart her family. Unknown to her, Dorrie is harbouring a secret intimately connected with food. And Jo’s grandmother Miriam – who’s a dreadful cook - has it in for all of them and will stop at nothing to get what – or who – she wants.

MENTAL is a novel which shows what happens when a 19 year old university student has a mental breakdown - and it charts the effect on his family and friends. Realistic and uncompromising, it lifts the taboos from mental illness. But there's a love story there too - for isn't love a kind of madness? The novel is aimed predominately at teenagers.